Royce to Embrace Blockchain Funds Transfers

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One asset has outperformed the Tulip Bubble, Mississippi Bubble, and dot-com Bubble; that asset is Blockchain Crypto Currencies

Hong Kong (July 5, 2017) - Royce Equity Management seeks to become a player in the Blockchain Crypto Currency space. “We want to offer these financial services, within our funds transfer and clearing functions, to our valued customers. ” announced Arthur Cheney, Royce Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

If you are an institutional investor, you know the potential headaches and expense of multiple large volume funds transfers. One trader told us this morning he had the pleasure of spending an hour of his life tracking down a missing wire transfer that had been sent to a large, multinational bank more than two weeks ago.

We’ve all been there, being passed around various departments to re-explain the entire situation anew.

“This is infuriating. It’s 2017. Seriously. It’s not like they have to load a pallet full of cash onto a cargo ship and float it across the ocean. Banking is completely digital now, and transfers should be instantaneous. At most it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours”, explained, Royce CIO, Arthur Cheney.

Cryptocurrency transfers over the Blockchain are settled in a few hours, sometimes just a few minutes.

Compared to the conventional banking system, transferring funds via the Blockchain is much more efficient. The same goes with savings; it’s possible to deposit money directly within the Blockchain instead of the banking system. No more fees, no more hassles.

Look at the Ether token that runs on the Blockchain; on January 1st of this year the Ether price was less than $10. Today it’s nearly $350. That’s a 35x jump in just over six months. It is hard to find another asset with that sort of performance. Ever.

There is the issue of volatility… which may be the single biggest impediment to cryptocurrency adoption. With cryptocurrency, the swings are violent in both directions with 10% swings in a single week. That level of volatility is almost expected now. Either way, someone’s paying for the volatility.

Long-term, these challenges are likely going to be solved. The combined market size of Ether and Bitcoin (the two largest cryptocurrencies), is now $75 billion. Yet their user bases already exceed 15 million with absolutely no geographic limitations. And, they’re growing every day.

So, it stands to reason that when these remaining problems for cryptocurrency are solved, their supply/demand fundamentals could support prices that are far higher than today’s. The right education can open the door to new, lucrative investment opportunities for our valued customers. Our research analysts are on top of the newest developments in this evolving markets. We will soon be offering settlements in Blockchain Crypto Currencies.

Royce to Increase Offerings of Indonesian Corporate Bonds

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Indonesian’s S&P rating upgrade to “investment grade” has been welcomed by Royce as companies step up bond issuance.

Hong Kong (July 5, 2017) - Through offerings of select portfolios of Indonesian Corporate Bonds, Royce Equity Management is responding to this window of opportunity. Indonesian corporations see this opportunity to raise funds on better terms that was opened after Standard & Poor's long-awaited upgrade of the country's credit rating to investment grade.

Before its May 19 S&P upgrade of Indonesia's sovereign credit outlook to 'BBB' from 'BB+', S&P had held out for more than five years from matching the ratings awarded by its peers, Fitch and Moody's, to Southeast Asia's biggest economy. This move now gives the country access to a wider pool of funds as some money managers make portfolio allocations based on the U.S. agency's rating. The expected increased liquidity can drive down yields, thus also helping corporate borrowers.

At least a dozen companies such as state-controlled port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Pelindo 3) and petrochemical producer PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical are seeking fresh funds. Indonesian borrowers have been active as 39 Indonesian companies issued debt and equity worth a total of $8.5 billion.

“Demand for Indonesian corporate bonds, especially those that mature in 1-3 years, has picked up as they offer more attractive yields than government bonds”, said Royce fixed income strategist Linsey Mackey "The government has recognized the need to ramp up investments, particularly in infrastructure and lift revenues which are low relative to GDP," Ms. Mackey continued.

Fund managers polled say an improvement in Indonesia's economic fundamentals and a rise in foreign-currency reserves are expected to cushion Indonesia’s corporate sector from any outflows when the Federal Reserve again raises U.S. interest rates.

“Political stability and other obstacles, such as red tape, have seen some foreign direct investment managers becoming pickier due to an increased supply of Indonesian share and debt sales. Managers have wisely allocated funds the consumer, banking and infrastructure sectors.” Noted, Royce CIO, Arthur Cheney

Key research staff hires for Royce Equity Management Hong Kong

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Hong Kong (May 5, 2017) –: Equities research house Royce Equity Management. has hired two Hong Kong analysts from its rivals as it looks to strengthen its industry coverage of Asia's third-biggest economy, said a source at a briefing on the appointments this Friday.

Rajendranath Senapati, a former analyst at UBS, has agreed to join Royce as its Hong Kong Agricultural Sector research specialist. He will start in May, the source said.

Senapati, rated by many industry magazines as one of the top Hong Kong analysts, will also serve as a managing associate at Royce management facility in Hong Kong, added the source..

Former Strategic India. sector analyst Dharmendra Maraj has joined Royce as a vice president for research in Hong Kong's telecoms sector.

Jackson Graham, CFA, Director of Investment Management, confirmed the two appointments for the Royce' Hong Kong management Team.

Bankers and dealmakers have expected deal flows to pick up in major Asian economies such as China and Hong Kong, which are helping pull the world out of the financial crisis.

Some buyout funds remain cautious on Hong Kong's economic prospects, with analysts predicting domestic industry consolidation may accelerate before a new wave of foreign investment.

Mr. Graham said "the team will concentrate in following its select list of blue chip Hong Kong companies as well as aggressively search out overlooked niche companies determined to be Hong Kong's industrial and technological leaders of the future". Mr. Graham feels strongly that Hong Kong's growth will come in the areas of Telecom, Agriculture, Consumer Durables and Water Resources. "These two appointments will greatly strengthen Royce position in Hong Kong Equities Management".

NEW Service and Equity Directions for Royce Equity Management

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New Service and Equity Management Emphasis for the Hong Kong Stock Markets

Hong Kong (May 4, 2017) – Royce Equity Management, the supplier of proprietary Institutional Equity Management for Institutional Investment Funds Managers, today announced increased staffing and an increased commitment to coverage of the "niche" investment opportunities available in Hong Kong Companies. Our Hong Kong Headquarters is strategically positioned to leverage this increased coverage and provide this valuable information to the entire South East Asian region (ASEAN) and the wider Asia Market area demanding Quality Investment Management.

We will be adding a unique and New Management Service specifically targeting the immense opportunities available in Hong Kong Equities. By emphasizing some much overlooked market information and "niche" stock plays , which can be extracted from the Hong Kong Equity Markets, we will be adding great value for our discerning clientele.

In addition, Royce enhanced Office Services will implement newly automated operational procedures in all aspects of delivering the products we now currently provide. The service enhancements, at our Hong Kong Headquarters, will be of tremendous value to asset management entrepreneurs, equity management professionals and our few, but highly valued, Private Equity clients

"This shows our commitment to the Hong Kong Equity Markets, and we believe our enhanced office services will decrease our company's costs by thousands of dollars a year while providing great a customer experience and satisfaction. We will still maintain our strong position in covering all aspects of the ASEAN and Chinese Equity Markets as well as Precious Metals opportunities as all of our client's have come to expect," said Jackson Graham, CFA and Director of Investment Management, Royce Equity Management

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