Structured Finance

Royce Equity Management structured finance practice is interdisciplinary, drawing on the expertise of lawyers and accountants in the areas of banking, corporate finance and securities law, secured transactions, tax, bankruptcy and banking regulation. Our partners who practice in this area assist in the structuring and execution of complex structured transactions.

Royce Equity and its principals have been in the structured finance market in ASEAN and near Asia for quite some time. We consult in the structuring and documentation of a broad range of transactions, including financing structures utilizing arbitrage arrangements, trade accounts receivable, real estate assets, leveraged credits, government obligations, future receivables, structured principal protected notes, synthetic collateralized debt obligations and other financial assets.

We are currently looking at some interesting opportunities in Structured Notes involving the Funding of Litigation Cases; a new asset class

Royce Equity and is principal's experience in Structured Finance has evolved within the forefront of the ASEAN and near Asian structured finance market. Because of the depth of its expertise, Royce is frequently called upon by investment and commercial banks within this area to develop and document new products and structures.

Structured transactions also involve asset-backed commercial paper, bank credit card receivables, intellectual property, wholesale loans involving auto dealer flooring and heavy equipment receivables, cash flow transactions, litigation funding and assets sourced in emerging markets as well as synthetic risk linked structures.

Royce Equity has also assisted in the organization of special purpose entities to serve as conduits for the issuance of asset-backed structures.

Clients in the Structured Finance area include issuers such as Investment and Commercial Banks, Corporations and Public Agencies as well as Private Equity Clients who are invited to participate as investors through Private Placement Funding opportunities via appropriate Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs).

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