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Your global connectivity is as important as your global access to funds. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your financial needs, onshore and offshore through our Equity Management expertise, Equity Research and comprehensive Services to both our Institutional and Private Equity clients.

Royce Equity Management

Royce is instrumental in formulating Equity Management strategies for some of the most well know investment funds; mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds on both a consulting and proprietary trading basis. We are instrumental in managing and effecting large block equity transactions, on and off exchange, globally. We are continuously in touch with major world market makers in the equity arena. Our risk management team is second to none.

Equity Research

Equity ManagementWe generate much of our corporate income from exclusive and proprietary distribution of our much sought after Equity Market Research; involving both individual stock issues and our overall perspectives of market activity and direction. Our reports, widely read and acted upon by prominent market participants. Royce market advice and stock picks are eagerly anticipated by our Institutional Equity Clients. Private Equity Clients can expect only a few select s stock picks to be released to individual investors each year. A 100% win record by Our Research Group of all stock picks given over to Private Equity Clients, year over year, for the past six years is a sensational record. We give these picks over to individual clients only if we have an 80% plus chance of success as estimated by your selection algorithms. We are proud of this track record and endeavor to be careful and discrete with every release. We released only 4 selections, from these institutional picks, to individual clients in 2016.


ServicesThe totality of our services to our clients encompasses   many areas of important market concerns and needs which our Institutional Equity Clients have progressively demanded over the years. Our emphatic response to their needs has resulted in the product and service menu that we provide today. We are constantly seeking to improve that mix of offerings which now include: Stock picks, market research, sector research reports, portfolio strategies, risk management consulting, special working projects, technical and mathematical modeling.  We do not trade for our own account nor "front- run" on our recommendations or take inventory positions detrimental to our own clients. Where we can pass along inventory gains, for the benefit of our clients, we will take a market position especially in discounted block shares being offered.

How We Work with You

When talking about Equity Investment and Stock Research, it is fair to say that no two clients are the same, and this is also true of their performance criteria.

To achieve this, one of our experienced professionals will take the time to explore your current status, your anticipated investment cash flow and your funds commitment priorities. To ensure we recommend the best stock selections and provide the best market information, it is important that we fully understand your needs and portfolio requirements.

Our Proposals will be able to move you ahead successfully in portfolio management and asset allocation that emphasizes profit targeted, risk mitigated, equity positions. In establishing a suitable plan, your Account Manager will put forward carefully considered Stock Recommendations and Research Reports tailored to your Asset Management style and Percentage Gain Targets.

After you have selected your Equity Trades and they are in place, we continue to proactively monitor these positions and look for reasonable exit points when targets are met or we will revise those targets where appropriate. You will receive monthly reports, regular reviews, newsletters, new offering suggestions and face to face meetings in our offices at CMA Building in Hong Kong. 

The success of any Investment Portfolio is not just in the initial selection of the investment, but more importantly, in the ongoing management and pro-active amendments needed to stay ahead of the unfolding fundamentals affecting a particular stock issue. This would include world politics, relative competitiveness in international markets and industry sector shifts.

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At Royce Equity Management we consider the relationship with our clients as a 'Partnership for Financial Success'

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